Luggage Regulations

Luggage Regulations

Checked luggage Ensure You're In the Know About Checked Luggage Rules:

Each airline has specific weight limits and size restrictions for checked baggage, depending on your class and destination. To avoid any hiccups at check-in, we recommend checking your airline's website or reaching out to them directly. Keep in mind that extra fees may apply for overweight luggage.

Adhering to standard international airport regulations, Zayed International Airport permits a maximum weight of 32 kg / 70.6 lbs per checked bag, with dimensions not exceeding Length: 90cm, Width: 75cm, and Height: 75cm. If any of your bags surpass 32 kg, you may be asked to repack.

For bags exceeding the specified dimensions, they will be checked in as Oversize Baggage, with maximum dimensions of Length: 160cm, Width: 90cm, and Height: 85cm, weighing no more than 32 kg.

If the baggage exceeds the dimensions for the Oversize Baggage, it will be considered as Super Oversize Baggage with dimensions of Length 200cm x Width 90cm x Height 90cm, and weighing no more than 32Kg.

Baggage surpassing the specified dimensions for Super Oversize Baggage will be categorized as Cargo and cannot be processed as checked luggage.

Live animals can be accommodated as checked baggage, provided they are in an IATA approved animal container.

Upon check-in, you'll need to respond to security questions posed by the check-in staff member before your baggage is accepted.


In accordance with aviation safety regulations, certain substances are restricted from being carried on board.


Hand baggage The amount of carry-on luggage allowed on board is determined by the airline you're flying with, based on your travel class and route. To ensure a seamless boarding experience, we recommend checking your airline's website or reaching out to them directly.