Departure Guide

Departure Guide

Departure Guide

At Zayed International Airport our passengers enjoy an enhanced convenient experience starting with self or remote check in, self-bag drop, E-Gates and self-boarding. We wish you a safe journey and an exceptional experience.


When it comes to your checked baggage, here's what you need to know:

Baggage Allowance: Each airline has its own rules for baggage weight and dimensions based on your travel class and route. To avoid any surprises during check-in, check your airline's website or contact them directly. Keep in mind that extra baggage might come with additional charges.

Our Guidelines: At Zayed International Airport, we follow regular standards. Each checked bag should weigh no more than 32kg (70.6lbs) and have maximum dimensions of 90cm in length, 75cm in width, and 75cm in height. If a bag exceeds 32kg, you may need to repack it. We have a dedicated repacking area where you can conveniently re-arrange your baggage and use our weight scales to ensure your baggage is within your airline fare baggage allowance.

Oversized Bags: If your baggage surpasses the mentioned dimensions, it will be considered oversized. Oversized bags should be at most 160cm in length, 90cm in width, 85cm in height, and 32kg in weight.

Super Oversize Bags: Bags even larger but still within 32kg are classified as Super Oversize Bags. These bags should not exceed 200cm in length, 90cm in width, and 90cm in height.

Cargo: Baggage exceeding the Super Oversize dimensions cannot be accepted as checked baggage and may need to be shipped as cargo.

Travelling with Pets: You can bring your furry friends along as checked baggage if they are in an IATA-approved animal container. Please get in touch with your airline in advance to ensure all their travel details are taken care of.

Security Questions: Be prepared to answer some security questions from our check-in staff before your baggage is accepted.

Prohibited Items: Certain substances are not allowed onboard due to aviation safety regulations. Please ensure you're aware of these restrictions through your airline. 


Where do I drop off a departing passenger?

Departing passengers can be dropped off outside the Terminal, in the departures area. Drop-off areas are clearly marked, and you can see your airline logo in our wayfinding pillars available at drop-off points.    


Eligible tourists can recover the value-added tax paid on their purchases while leaving through Zayed International Airport.

Anybody who is not a resident of the UAE is eligible for Tax-Free shopping. Therefore, under the current rules, GCC Nationals are eligible.

Tax-free shopping is purchasing goods in the UAE that will be exported (subject to terms and conditions). Shoppers can obtain a refund on the VAT on these items, providing that they validate their purchases according to local rules.

How does it work?

  •  A tourist can request a Tax-Free purchase and must present a valid passport
  • The shop assistant captures tourist information using the Planet system
  • The shop assistant then places the Tax-Free tag on the back of the sales receipt
  • A digital Tax-Free form is then created
  • The tourist must validate the transaction at the airport.

Is there a time limit?

  • Your tax-free tag must be validated within 90 days of purchase. For instance, a form issued on the 1st of January is valid until the 1st of April. If this is not done, the Tax-Free tag expires, and the VAT cannot be claimed anymore

How do I collect my refund?

  • The tourist takes goods and tagged receipts to the airport. The tourist goes to a Planet validation point. Tax refund service counters in Zayed International Airport are available in three different Locations.
  • Once validated, the tourist chooses a refund method. (Please note that the tourist may be subjected to a further validation check and may need to produce the goods for inspection).
  • Planet processes the refund.
    • Cash (maximum refund amount as cash is 10,000 AED per tourist. Any additional value over this amount must be paid to a credit/debit card).
    • Credit or debit card.

Certain Taxable goods are not eligible for a refund, including:

  1. Goods consumed, wholly or partly, in the UAE or any Emirate.
  2. Motor vehicles, boats and aircraft.
  3. Goods that the overseas Tourist does not accompany when leaving the UAE.
If you have any queries or want to learn more, visit the official website or visit the Planet International website at or call +971 (0)4 586 4700


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